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Silver Ring Nerissa Rutilated Quartz Gemstone Jewelry


This "Nerissa" ring is handmade in 925 sterling silver in my workshop. It features a gorgeous Rutilated Quartz gemstone cabochon.

Rutilated Quartz is a type of quartz mineral which contains needle-like inclusions of rutile that shoot through its transparent interior. This stone features black inclusions that look like hairs.

"Nerissa" means "black haired" in Italian.

Cabochon: Rutilated Quartz gemstone, pear shape. Size: 25 mm

The shank (or band) has been hand sculpted in wax then cast in 925 sterling silver.

Ring overall dimensions: about 30 cm

Materials: 925 sterling silver

Ring size: 7 (Only one size available. The size cannot be adjusted.)

This is a unique creation and cannot be reproduced. Only one available!