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Carmin Flint Silver Jewelry Rings


My dream has always been to inspire through creation. My intention is to create jewelry that will be a source of inspiration. I believe that the soul is revealed through our creations.

All of my jewelry is handmade, one by one. I use ancestral techniques such as lost wax and metal oxidation to create jewelry that is unique.

Follow your dream

I am passionate about creativity. With a background in design, I worked as a designer for several years. In 2006, I started to create jewelry for my personal use. Following a training at the École de Joaillerie de Montreal, I decided to start my jewelry workshop Carmin & Flint. In order to share my passion for the art of jewelry, I now offer creative workshops.

My name is Céline and I now live in the countryside with my partner where I am inspired every day by the nature that surrounds me.

Celine Artiste

What does Carmin & Flint mean?

"Carmin" refers to the color of "jeweler's red", the red paste used to polish jewelry. It is a nod to the uniqueness of my jewelry which is entirely handcrafted in my workshop in Mont Saint-Hilaire. The color red also symbolizes the passion to create unique jewelry for clients who appreciate the manual work of a craftsman.

"Flint" is a sacred stone that has been used since ancient times to create the spark used to light fire. Fire is essential for creating silver jewelry. The name also symbolizes the spark needed to innovate and achieve daring creations.

My goal is to inspire you. I hope you find inspiration here. I take pride in creating quality jewelry that has a soul and that you can cherish for years to come.

Artistic approach

Carmin Flint Silver Rings Precious Stones

My artistic approach

I use precious silver clay to create organic shapes. The creation of wax molds combined with the lost wax method allows precious metals to take shape. The molten metal can sometimes show surprising results which adds interest. The action of hammering sterling silver creates unique pieces. Finally, the patina and other metal oxidation techniques bring the signature of time which gives meaning to the objects.

I have always been fascinated by nature and by the imprint of time on the world around us. Throughout my travels, I have been strongly influenced by the spirituality of sacred places whose beauty emanates from the wear and tear of time. It seems necessary to me to create in accordance with this principle, sometimes incorporating recycled materials and adding to my creations the patina of time.

Jewelry is a very personal object and I believe it acquires, over time, a unique meaning for the person who wears it.

Silver clay

Precious metal clay, or silver clay, is a malleable material composed entirely of microscopic particles of fine silver mixed with water and a non-toxic organic binder. It can be worked like traditional clay using the hands, or else molded.

Once the object is dry, it is passed through an oven or a sufficient heat source, rising to 900 ° C. At this temperature, the binder burns, the fine silver particles (999/1000 grade) merge. The result is a 99.9% pure silver object that can be further worked with traditional techniques.

Silver paste comes from the recycling of electronic waste and was created in the 1990s in Japan by the Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (Precious Metal Clay) and AIDA Chemical Industries (Art Clay Silver).

Sterling Silver

Here, the method of casting is used for making jewelry. The model to be reproduced is molded in rubber or silicone. In the oven, the coating hardens and the wax melts, then burns, leaving the imprint of the wax model in the mold. The wax is lost, hence the name "lost wax technique".

The molten metal is then poured into the mold cavity. The mold is cut to release the model with a scalpel. Finally, the resulting piece will be cleaned and polished to achieve the desired effect.

Different precious metals can be used for casting. I am using 925 sterling silver, which is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Jewelry named "silver" must contain at least 92.5% pure silver. This denomination means that the jewelry is made of real silver as opposed to silver plating.

Events and creative workshops

Atelier Bijoux Argent

"Creativity is an "Art de Vivre"

Céline, Artisan-Jeweler

In order to showcase the art of jewelry, I share my passion for the technique of silver clay jewelry by offering creative workshops. Make your first silver jewelry in just 2 hours! Click here for all the information on my creative workshops.

My jewelry workshop is open year round by appointment if you want to see my latest creations in person. I create new pieces throughout the year and many of my designs are one of a kind creations. Contact me to schedule an appointment.

You can also come and meet me at pop-up markets throughout the year. I participate in several markets in Quebec and Ontario where my works are for sale. See all upcoming events here.

Marché Artisan Carmin Flint

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