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About Carmin & Flint

Jewelry to inspire

My dream has always been to inspire through design. I want my jewelry to become a source of inspiration. I believe that soul shows through your creations.

I work with different materials: fine silver (99.9% pure silver), sterling silver (92.5% pure silver), gold and bronze.

I use various techniques. The lost wax technique allows me to create molds for casting. The water casting technique creates very organic pieces, as does silver clay. With sterling silver, I create more modern style pieces.

About me

Follow the dream

I trained and worked as a designer. In 2010, I attended jewelry training at "École de Joaillerie de Montréal" to learn jewelry techniques and became passionate about jewelry making. In 2015, I left my full time job to dedicate myself to creating inspiring jewelry.

Since 2017, I share my passion for handmade jewelry by giving silver clay creative workshops to passionate students in the Montreal area.

My name is Celine and I now live in the country with my husband, where I am inspired by nature every day.


About the name

What does Carmin & Flint mean?

Carmin is a pigment used in jeweler's rouge. We use this compound to polish our silver pieces. This deep red color also suggests a flame burning with passion.

Flint, sometimes called firestone or silex, is a sacred stone that was used primarily to start fires. We chose it because fire is used everyday to create jewelry.

The Art de Vivre circle in our logo symbolizes the Joie de Vivre associated with our french canadian culture. We hope that our jewelry will bring you that Joie de Vivre everyday!