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Silver Ring Odin Handmade Fine Silver Jewelry


This "Odin" silver ring is handmade in Fine Silver (99.9% pure silver). This unique piece is entirely molded by hand, using the silver clay technique

The style of this ring is inspired by the Vikings and the Old Norse mythology.

Ring size: 7.5 (This is a unique creation. Only one size available. I cannot adjust the ring size.)

What is Fine Silver?

Fine Silver, also called Precious Metal Clay or Silver Clay, is a malleable material composed of microscopic particles of pure silver. It is made from silver that is recycled from a range of sources, including waste from x-rays and the photographic industry.

It can be worked like traditional clay using the hands, or else molded. The molded piece is then heated to merge the fine silver particles together. The result is a 99.9% pure silver piece of jewelry that can be further worked using traditional jewelry techniques.